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Xs650 Coil Wiring - span class news dt nov 09 2016 span nbsp 0183 32 yamaha xs650 forum coil wiring discussion in the garage started by borjawil feb 27 2015 feb 27 2015 1 borjawil what about a dual output coil yes a dual output coil produces a positive voltage on one plug wire and a negative on the other so the positive spark plug is less efficient and exotic spark plugs are a waste of money p div div div class b fcv2 table tbody tr data exp h data exp noani 1 td style width 504px a href http xs650 threads pamco ignition 46859 h id serp 5177 1 pamco ignition yamaha xs650 forum a td td style mar 31 2019 td tr tr data exp h data exp noani 1 td style a href http xs650 threads wiring for 2 coils 76 xs650 points ignition 39895 h id serp 5202 1 wiring for 2 coils 76 xs650 points ignition yamaha a td td style dec 05 2017 td tr tr data exp h data exp noani 1 td style a href http xs650 threads pma pamco wiring diagram.
23110 h id serp 5228 1 pma pamco wiring diagram yamaha xs650 forum a td td style feb 25 2013 td tr tr data exp h data exp noani 1 td style a href http xs650 threads ignition coil replacement 23445 h id serp 5252 1 ignition coil replacement yamaha xs650 forum a td td style nov 19 2012 td tr tbody table div class wpcbc div class req link a href search q xs650 coil wiring site 3a xs650 h id serp 5452 1 see more results a div div div div li span class news dt may 13 2010 span nbsp 0183 32 the pickup needs to plug into the tci box and the tci box and the coil need power on the red white wire if you look in the diagram i posted you can see just how it should be wired as far as tring to get a spark by hooking a hot and tapping a ground it may work if you can get the right dwell the amount of time the coil is grounded and open description xs650 cdi system for xs650 fully hhb tested and approved.
our new cdi system is what these bikes have been begging for all along 100 crank driven ignition utilizing a pre programmed advance curve in the cdi box and a pickup coil at the flywheel for far more accurate and consistent timing than a cam driven system high output replacement ignition coil fits 1980 84 xs650 s with factory tci ignition dual lead 1 used per bike used on 80 84 models only and is not for contact point systems regulator rectifier bo with points wiring diagram posted in xs 650 chopper i have a red wire a grey wire and a black wire ing from the pickup coil i hooked the red and grey up to the coil sides and the black wire to ground i have a 1980 xs 650 with points and i m trying to wire up a regulator rectifier i bought of ebay from yamaha motorcycle ignition systems coils plugs switches and hardware once you ve rephased the crank and crankshaft on your vintage yamaha.
to smooth out vibration be sure to install a 277 degree ignition and advance kit to plete the restoration if your xs650 with standard yamaha electronic ignition has no spark ignitor unit which sends a momentary current to the ignition primary coil of few but heavy wire windings this creates a force field around the secondary coil of many but thin wire windings and as this force field collapses it generates a very high voltage current that pamco hall effect ignition for the xs650 rev 1 6 introduction the pamco hall effect ignition system is a direct replacement for the points plate and points cam system on a yamaha xs650 it can also be installed in later models of the xs650 that have a factory tci system by installing the plete mechanical advance mechanism span class news dt may 31 2013 span nbsp 0183 32 let me start by saying that i know absolutely nothing about the ignition electrical.
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